done 4 now

Not sure if i will be back, but i will leave my items up for d/l. thanks to all for your luv and support.

Survey time!!!!

I was Tagged by the always fabbie Sixxbug
Samantha, sam and mom
New Hampshire,New Hampshire, New Hampshire, LOL. i get around
Family Guy, Simpson's, and adult swim
Maine, Vermont & Connecticut
Alfredo sauce, Chicken and any veggie.
1. Moving into our house in less than 2 weeks.
2. My lil ladys B-Day, October 10th BIG PARTY!!!

My daughter, Jocelynn, My Husband and my Mom.

Pink, black & white

The twilight series, Wicked and any Romance novel.
Making some tags, cooking a big dinner and housework.

Freebie kit- Magical day

Its done and i am taking a break from scrapping. i will be checking in and all that but i need a break. I have no mojo left. But i finished this mini kit first. i put a lot of time into this one. The frames were a small job in themselves, LOL.
8 papers
4 cluster frames
23 elements
PU only, tagger size and i hope you love it. Click on the preview to D/L.

Broken Links Fixed

So, i have fixed 2 broken kit links. Here are the new links. My new kit will be out soon but i am having a really hard time finishing it. My MOJO is just about gone and i am in the middle of a HUGE move.

Chic Rocker-

Sweet Elegance-

PU freebie cluster frame

Here is a small preview of my newest kit, magical Day. I am really loving how this kit is coming out. here is a preview of the colors.
and now on to your freebie. This is tagger size personal use only. if used in forums please send to my blog for download. I hope you love it as much as i do. click the preview for download.

New Commercial Use Item

Sorry i have been MIA. I am working on a really great kit right now. Tomorrow i will post a freebie cluster frame i made. But for now, here is a new CU item. This cute charm comes in a layered PSD format. see the pic in the charm? Thats my lil lady 8 years ago "tears". Click on the preview to download. Please leave some luv, its greatly appreciated.

New freebie kit is here!!!

So, i went with less rocker more sweet colors. This kit is HUGE!!! It's tagger size, the papers 800x800. PU only! Lots of papers and elements here. I broke down everything so you can see what your getting.
Download HERE
Please leave some love when downloading. Thanks.

Freebie sexy wordart

I made some sexy wordart. I am putting it on in thumbnail size so that it doesn't offend anyone. Just click the pic for full size.
This is PU only. But, feel free to use in tagging groups and forums. Always download from my blog. Thanks. Download HERE.

Awesome Tut using my Skool Daze kit!!!

Shelly over at Tuts by Oahubeachgirl has a new tut using my skool daze kit called Rac Rocks. Thanks so much shelly!!! This tut rocks, and while you are checking it out, make sure you look at her other tuts also. They are pretty fabby!!

Freebie taggers kit- Skool Daze

This is tagger size. 10 papers and 61 elements. Not everything is shown in the preview. There just wasn't enough room, LOL. I hope you like it. Click the image to download. Please leave me some love. Thanks.

CU Freebie and a quick note

So sorry i have been MIA lately. My computer was being a pain. But, after having to format it, I'm back, baby!!!!! So, i have a new CU freebie. The first thing i did when getting photoshop back on was make a new preview folder, So, my old one is now CU for all you guys!! It is in PSD formatand there are no words on it. They are there to show how it looks when filled out. Enjoy and please leave a note when downloading. Click the preview to download.
On a side note, my new kit will be out by Wednesday.

Whoop, another award!!!

I have recieved this awesome award from Samantha, over at momparadise designs. Thanks so much!! Go on over there people, great kits and templates!
Passing this award on to-
Juicy Bits
Wicked Scraps
Scraps Of Enchantment
Scrappy Bit Of Fun
Simply Devilish Scrapz

TUT using my Chic Rocker kit!!!

Sixxbug made an awesome TUT using my Chic Rocker kit!!! YAY! You can get it HERE

CU Freebie!!!

I have been slacking on the CU items lately, LOL. But, i finally have something new for you.CU frames. 6 wooden frames in various wood grains and colors. Please read my TOU when using my CU items. I do require credit. They are tagger size. Click the pic to download. Please leave love when downloading.Thanks!!!

color perview of my newest kit

My beautiful daughter picked these colors out herself. I am filling it with lots of things she loves. You will just have to wait and see it. CU item coming in a few days.

Freebie Blog Layouts

I made some blog layout with some of my kits. If you use these please credit with a link back to my blog. Also, you can use the kit they go with to make a matching header. Click on the layout for a larger Preview. Not sure how to put these on your blog. Go HERE.
This on is from my Get Fresh blog train kit.
Download HERE

This one is from my Grunge & Glitter kit.
Download HERE

This one is from my kit Industry Babe.
Download HERE

This last one is made with my Creative Misfits blog train.
Download HERE

Please leave some love when downloading.

freebie template #3

I am on a roll today, LOL. Here is a new template. It's in PSD and PSP format. Click the preview to download. Please leave some love. Thnaks.

choo choo- 2nd scrap train pulling out, LOL.

2 trains in one day, OH MY!!! So, this one is for creative misfits. They had the greatest colors in this one. Lots of kits to choose from here. Here is my part in this train. Click the preview to get them all. There are 24 kits all together.

Choo-Choo! The blog train is here.....

Here is my part in the awesome Get Fresh blog train. The colors in this train are so great!!!
So, here is mine. Lots of goodies in here. This is tagger size. 800x800. Click the preview for download. Please leave some love.
To get the rest of these great kits in the train, just click the Blinkie. there are some very talented ladies in on this train.

I got my first award!!!!

I am soooo excited. I got my first award. I was given this award by Dawn AKA- sixxbug. Go on over and visit her awesome blog HERE.
The rules are - Put the name and link of who gave you this award on your blog.
Then pass it on to 10 blogs which you think are magical.
Here are my 10 magical blogs:

Samantha~ Momparadise Designs
Lacoralita~ Lacoralita's Designz
Seachell~ Seachell Scraps
Simone~ Scrappy Bit of Fun
Rachel~ Scraps of Enchantment
Beth~ Blissfully Beth
Beth~ Built by Beth
Bel~ Bel Vidotti Scraps
Pimptress~ Pimp'd Designz

Freebie kit- Chic Rocker

Here is a new freebie kit up for grabs.I was thinking the 80's, but it ended up reminding me more of my teens, in the 90's. It's like a cross between Nirvana and fashion. Just like high school, LOL. It is tagger size, PU only and i love it!!! Click the preview to download. Please leave some love. Thanks!

Colors of my up and coming kit!!

I feel like i am slacking on kits, LOL. So, here are the colors of my newest kit. It will be posted soon. I am envisioning ol' school 80's theme. We will see how it goes. Might have some CU papers soon too.

Creative Misfits Template challenge

Head on over to Creative misfits creations, we had an awesome template design challenge. You will get 100 templates made especially for creative misfits. There is some amazingly talented designers participating in this challenge. Click the blinkie to bring you there!!!

CU freebie- puffy lace hearts

So, i have a set of 6 commercial use puffy lace hearts in various colors and all with different laces. i thought they were so cute when i was making them. Click the preview to download. Please leave some love. Enjoy.

Freebie Cluster Frame

So, my favorite PSP group is doing another blog train. I am lovin' the colors this month!! So i made this freebie cluster frame and really loved it, so i thought i would share it now. This is PU only. Click the pic to download. Please leave some love. Thanks!!
Here is the awesome colors of our newest train.
And here is where you can get all of the great kits.

New freebie kit ready!!!!

So, i finished it. It's called grunge + glitter. I wanted girly and punky at the same time. its my favorite so far. it has a lot of punk type elements and girly type elements, so go nuts with it. It has 14 papers and 37 elements. Click the pic to download and please leave some love. thanks!!

CU layered Paper

so, while i was making my new kit, i made this striped paper and i thought i might as well put up the temp. for commercial use. this is a tagger size, 800x800, and in PSD and PSP format. Please leave some love when you download. Just click the preview. Thanks.

newest kit preview

So, i'm getting another kit going. it's going to be hard, cause i am in 2 blog trains this month. But here is a lil' preview of the colors. The kit will be up by Wednesday night.

A new template

I am diggin' this temp, LOL. It's after another Lady GaGa song. This is in PSD and PSP format. Click the pic for download. Please leave some love. 8O)

The link to the rest of the blog train

That's right, it's up and you can get all of the kits HERE. There are 26 different kits!!!Hope you all enjoy. Working my awesome 12 hour shift today, but i will be back on friday, maybe with some new stuff! TaaTaa

CU freebie button

I loved making those Rac buttons so much, that i made a CU template for all you lovely scrappers! CU OK.Files saved in PSD and PSP. Please read my TOU enclosed. Click the pic for download. Please leave some love. Thanks!

Freebie- some buttons showing my love of Ismael Rac

So, i made these awesome buttons showing my love of one of my favorite artists, Ismael Rac. You get 9 tagger size buttons to use as you see fit in your tags. They are in PSD and PSP format. They are personal use ONLY. Click the pic for download. Please leave some love. Thanks.

New kit, Spring fling is here

Yup, i am letting it out. We did this scrap challenge in Creative Misfits, the best PSP group eva, LOL. Well, i am releasing my part in it today. Soon they will all be zipped up together, and i will also let you get the rest. Some awesome designers got in on this. Click the pic.Please leave some love when downloading. Thanks.

tag made with my new kit

I made a tag with my kit. I couldn't help it. The template came from Divine Intentionz
Go on over, you will find some awesome stuff.

freebie scrapkit- Industry babe

I have made a new freebie scrapkit. I made the specifically to go with the new Elias Chatzoudis tube, Rock Me. It is tagger size, 600x600. There are 9 Papers and 35 Elements. I would love to see any tags made with this kit. I hope you all love it as much as i do. Please leave some love when downloading HERE.


CU layered Flowers

So, i got these awesome custom shapes over at The Scrappin Cop, and so i decided to make some CU layered flowers with them. These are saved in PSD and PSP format. Go crazy with them. Go on over to see the scrappin cop, she has some awesome stuff. Click the preview to D/L. Please leave some love. Thanks.

more masks

I made 2 more masks while playing around in PS. Just right click to save.

preview of my new kit

So, i am over at Creative Misfits and they have this awesome scrap challenge! So, i am in and made a scrap kit with the palate they have up. This is a spring challenge, and its going to be HUGE!!! So many talented designers are getting in on this. But for now, it's a preview only until its completed. Then i will put the whole kit up, plus the link to get the rest of it. So, here is the color palate
Amazing colors!! and here is my part of the train in a sort of preview.
at the end of April it will be ready!!! YAY, so excited.

On another not, i am working on some CU items. They are fun to make. I might be putting them up for you. We will see how well they turn out.

Template #1

YAY, i made a template!!! I made this with a love of lady GaGa and her song "Beautiful and dirty rich" Hope you can use it. It is saved in PSD and PSP format, so it can be used by all. Click on image for download.Please leave some love when downloading. Thanks!!!

made some masks

I made some masks. Just right click to save. Please leave a thanks.